Episode 662: Summer 2020 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got terrible relationships, the hardships of publish loli content, and raising your knock off Pokemon in a digital world. Up first IRL news has Joseph ecstatic about his new Amaretto, and Andrew seeks out where we buy our otaku merchandise from. Afterwards the industry news gets in with Netflix being just as scummy as the rest of the industry, and the list of banned LNs just keeps on coming. Lastly the previews have Joseph and Andrew say nothing but good things about a wonderful relationships that has no problems whatsoever, afterwards Joseph tries to recalls what happened in an anime five years ago and Andrew raises a digital pet to battle other digital pets.

Show Notes


Intro – “Japanese Style Trap Beat” by Annex from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Kan

Digimon Adventure (2020)


Netflix’s Big Budgets Fail to Find Their Way to the Animators

Mangaka Comments of Difficulty Behind Loli Content

The Light Novel Bans Keep on Coming

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4 Replies to “Episode 662: Summer 2020 Previews #3”

  1. “Read it at Borders” is still a rating on Manga Pulse, even though Borders went the way of the dodo. Who listens to MP for the actual ratings, though? It’s just ranting, rambling, silliness and trying hard to not talk politics, and utterly failing at that.

  2. DC Comics in general was HIGHLY racist, but so was American comics in general. Especially during WWII. No superhero was shy about what they called Asians.

    Not only did Captain Marvel (Shazam) have a terrible sidekick, but Green Lantern did as well. His sidekick was named after his facial features, and he was an Eskimo character. They called the dude “Pieface.” I think he made it into the live action movie, but Ryan Reynolds sure as hell didn’t call him that nickname.

    I’ve never heard of Captain Marvel’s “sidekick” Steamboat, and OH BOY, now I know why. If I was DC, I’d sweep that way under the rug- then burn the whole house down. Let’s not even talk about when Billy Batson put on blackface and did a “black voice.”

  3. Well Vic, the reason you felt Faputa had inspired some of my art was probably because I actually drew her a while back and shared the picture on the Discord, so you were more right than you thought. 😛

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