Popcorn Pulse 20: Bad Hack

Given the year and near proximity to the twentieth anniversary, we decided that the time would be ripe to tackle the cult classic, Hackers. Staring an Angelina Jolie who hadn’t yet decided that collecting children like Pokemon was to be her hobby and some guy who’s name we only remember because he has an IMDB entry, they play the titular Hackers.

Hollywood, demonstrating that it gets trends wrong at least as often as it gets them right, portrays the good guys, aka the “cool kids”, as rollerbladers. Meanwhile, the sole villain, an older and less hip ex-hacker, rides a skateboard. How hindsight always kicks us when we turn around.

Weltall then discusses his take on perceived nuances of Breaking Bad. Because if there’s one thing we excel at around here it’s telling people how they fail in their jobs from the comfort of our armchairs.

Tim then discusses a Humphrey Bogart movie. No, not Casablanca nor the Maltese Falcon though we should probably discuss them. Instead, he talks about the Desperate Hours from 1955. His biggest takeaway seems to be how strange it is seeing Bogart play the villain when he’s best know for playing either the hero or an ambiguously motivated good guy.




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  1. Who, Wildfire? You’re want to know when Fan Pulse is going to take a break? I thought that FP is here whenever AP is not. Legion of Substitute Heroes, and all that.

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