New Bones Anime to Premiere on Playstation 3

Tonight Tuesday July 15th, PlayStation launches its online video download service for the PS3 and the PSP. At the E3 2008 press conference Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Funimation would be providing Anime titles to air for this service.

One of these titles is called Xam’d: Lost Memories, it is a new Bones Anime that has yet to air in Japan. Its debut will be tonight on the PlayStation Network.

Videos can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network directly onto a PS3 and watched, or transferred to a PSP. Videos will be available in High Definition and Standard definition Formatting. Episodes will cost around $1.99 while movies will cost between $2.99 and $5.99 to rent. Or if you would rather own the movie it will cost around $14.99. Xam’d: Lost Memories will be available in both SD and HD Formatting.

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