Teacher threatens to Kill Boss

Many of us have undoubtedly at one point or another wished ill for our employers.Such was the case for atwenty-nine year old Elementary teacher in Yokohama’s Tsurumi-ku. This teacher took out his frustrations by writing blogs on the Internet. In said blogs the teacher stated that he wanted to kill the Vice-Principal of his school. He also stated,”If a teacher is murdered, it will be me who’s responsible, for certain.”

The information was uncovered by prefectural authorities and handed over to municipal government officials. When the teacher was questioned he was distraught by everything saying, “I wrote feelings that I had no way of expressing. I had absolutely no intention of killing anyone.”Though blogging is not a crime the teacher was fired using regulations from the National Personnel Authority. This should teach us all a lesson, be careful what you write on the Internet you never know who may read it.

Mainichi Daily News

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0 Replies to “Teacher threatens to Kill Boss”

  1. Alot of people want to express they’re feelings in some way or other so as to not let other people…how do I say…misunderstand them? But there are other ways, and blogging is not one of them. I’m just glad that nothing had happened to anyone of the teachers at that school…cause the main blame would have probably sat straight on his shoulders.

  2. wow…im amazed that some is actualy dumb enough to actaly do that…did it eer ccur to them that what if that person get murdered……….did they ever think that the would be held responible?
    well whatever..by the way i love your guys show..its a real drag that i an listen anymore..but im trying to see if i can download the podast onto a cd…well im trying…i hope you guys the best

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