VG Pulse 001: Where's my NinJa at?

Welcome to VG Pulse , the newest show here at We cover gaming from consoles, portables and even mobile devices. Featuring the hosts ShakeLOVE, PsyGhost and NinJa. All VG Pulse episodes are in enhanced format meaning you get a picture slideshow as you listen.


Together We Ride – Fire Emblem


Test Drive Unlimited – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Get it on the Xbox Live Arcade

Final Fantasy – The Crystal Chronicles – The Crystal Bearers (try saying that 5 times fast) – Wait till it’s in the $20 bin
Nintendo Wii

Final Fantasy 2 – Wait till it’s .99
Get it now in the iTunes App store

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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 001: Where's my NinJa at?”

  1. Thanks, that was really enjoyable and fits other shows in nonsense/fun ratio.

    There’s one thing I’d like to see fixed: sound quality.

  2. I really enjoyed it! Like Opi mentioned, fits right in! The sound quality should improve with time, as the others did.

  3. Alright, new personalities, new audience, new format; this seems a little awkward at first, and I personally haven’t seen them on the forum or IRC much, but I think I’ll eventually come to like these guys.

  4. Yeah, sound quality was an issue pointed out when the subscribers first listened to it *cough*subscriber benefits*cough*

    You guys are going to love the next upcoming episodes.

    *sound of garage band crashing*

  5. It was a little awkward at first
    but- i really really really loved it
    it made me laugh
    and i got really into it

    sound was kinda an issue
    but its nothing you can’t fix 🙂

    if you guys do need like some sort of music tech to help out with the sound effects of the show

    I can totally help you guys out there
    you can email me orrrr message me on myspace

    It’d be a pleasure :))

  6. … OH YEAH!!! Forgot to mention something, there’s a secret listener in the background that you can’t hear but PsyGhost & Shake could while they did the recording. So if they seem to be laughing for no reason, or making comments that don’t make sense, that’s why 😉

  7. Loving the VG pulse.
    I have listened to it about 3 times and going on my 4th. Good job psy and shake!
    keep going!
    awesome to the PULSE!

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