VG Pulse 003: Hooligans Holiday

Before we start I must tell you that I am obligated by contract to mention Dunkin Donuts Coffee because ShakeLOVE runs on Dunkin <–this is all a lie. Welcome to week three of VG Pulse. What happens this week? Well we have found these rare things called buttons. Pikman are back and more God of War. Plus other great rumors we pulled of a twelve year old fanboys blog. Oh yes and let’s not forget Jamie F’N Foxx. Want to know more?

Opening Song: Outerworld – The Blackmages
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Break Song: Hooligans Holiday – Motley Crue
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Perfect Dark – Get it Now
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Dungeon Hunter – Get it now
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Skater Nation – Find a way to digitally burn it and piss on the ashes
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