VG Pulse 004: More Cowbell

Is there a greater phrase in the English Language than Game Stop Sued? No there’s not, even if the lawsuit is crap. We’ve got a boatload of crazy for you this week. Psyghost does some news, I get mad at Nintendo and James Cameron. NinJa was off visiting the his great Master Debater learning new ninja skills, and oh yes iSamJackson stops by. “I have fever and the only Prescription is MORE COW BELL.” This is VG Pulse, pure chaos in every spoonful.

Opening: Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
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KH358/2 Review:Passion(Theme for Kingdom Hearts 2) – Utada Hikaru


Tekken 6 – Wait till its in the bargain bin
It’s by Namco and is out now for Xbox360 and Playstation3

Zenonia – Won’t kick it out of bed for Crackers
It’s by Gamevil Get it now Here

Kingdom Heart 358/2– Wait till its in the bargain bin
It’s by Square-Enix and available for the Nintendo DS-DSi-DSiLX

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  1. dudes you guys messed up so much in the podcast first the exclusive character of lost planet are for the 360 hence its the gears characters and there were many other that are just flat out stupid, get your act together and stop hating on the ds

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