VG Pulse 8

We changed the format a lot added some new special hosts. NEC and Rhynoo join NinJa and myself ShakeLOVE on the new VG Pulse. We give you live feed to Xbox Live customer support it goes a little to long sorry but thats customer service for you. We continue to work on the show to make it better were still in the early episodes , but we can’t improve without your feedback. You have an open invite to E-mail me anytime at On a personal note this will launch on my anniversary.


Pokemon Soul Silver – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
It’s by Game Freak and exclusive for the Nintendo DS

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  1. Guys, guys!

    In Bioshock Tycoon you MANAGE RAPTURE. Adding shops, making little bohema people happy, setting bands playing ’20 music around the place. If you fail you get Big Daddies crashing your city. Think “Disaster” menu in SimCity.

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