VGPulse 27: One Shake to rule them all

Sorry for the lateness in posting this episode. I wanted to finalize the ShakeLOVE Friday Freebie prizes first. Ok anyway I’m all alone on this show. I talked about some news and the VGAT thats really it I was going to do a review but I hadn’t played the game in awhile so I’ll save it for when I get a bit of a refresh. So #SLFF prizes are listed in the forums. We got some cool stuff from my friends at Stitcher shirts and other swag to give away because our new show Rainy and Shakes Cocktail Hour is now live on Stitcher.

Hosted By: ShakeLOVE
Personal Note: Stop saying other then that

Chocobo Farms – Music from Final Fantasy VII
Nobody does it better – Russ Pay

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