VGPulse 32: Year in preview

In this episode we look into our crystal balls and see what is scheduled to come out over the next year in 2011, as of right now it looks like a lot of sequals. However we find a few new IPs in the mix. We also go over the most recent forum disscussion. Good times to be had, listen in to find out.

intro- “Bounty Hunter” composed by Tommy Tallarico as heard on the “Advent Rising Soundtrack”

Outro- “Silent Hill main theme” piano version by Akira Yamaoka as heard on the “Silent Hill Soundtrack” (movie)


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0 Replies to “VGPulse 32: Year in preview”

  1. Does Rhynoo get some coffee given to him in the middle of every podcast? He goes from sounding sluggish and yawning to being amped! Then he slows down again. Is that where he gets his name from?

    This must be recorded late in the day.

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