VG Pulse 42: Game Developers Crafting

This week we have so much to cover that if we tried to get to it all or had any in depht disscusion about it the show would be over two hours in length. So not only do we rush through the news but we don’t even get to half of it. Ohh well, we do so only to get to some forum disscussion and a dual review. A review mind you that to say the least, is way over due. This and much more inside, good times to be had. Listen in to find out, as you also get to hear our new microphone in this episode as well.
Show Notes


Intro – Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows as heard on the FLCL soundtrack
Outro – Calm3.ogg by Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld as heard in the video game Minecraft


Minecraft – PC
MillenniumX17 and DarkGodAkito – Buy It Now
Official Site
The Minecraft Wiki
Minecraft Crafting Guide


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