VG Pulse 50: Grim Meltdown with Sunshine

In this episode of Video Game Pulse, we got Ichigo to join us. This episode, while having more news than last week, we get through in a very quick order. Sony’s PSN situation has been upgraded from a blackout to a meltdown. The news just keeps getting worse as more details are released. While this is the big disscussion of the week we also have a lot of other news bits. We go over that in a rapid fire news segment. Mostly invented to save the podcast from being too long. The forums this week tell us that most of you have not played a game with a bad story, or just didn’t post in the forum. We think its the latter, but thats ok. There is a new forum to post in right now, dealing in your thoughts on the psn debacle. Then its off to two reviews. Good times to be had, Listen in to find out.

Show Notes


Intro – Number One – Ichigo’s Theme as heard on the Bleach OST
Outro – Book of Days as heard on the GrimGrimoire OST


GrimGrimoire – Playstation 2 – ESRB “E10+”
MillenniumX17 – Crackers
Official Site

Super Mario Sunshine Nintendo GameCube – ESRB “E10+”
DarkGodAkito – Crackers
Official Site


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