VG Pulse E3 Special Day 1

Here is a very fast talking Millennium, Telling everyone in 33 minutes the highlights of Day 1 at E3 2011. Microsoft got everything moving, well sort of. Then EA showed their hand, with Ubisoft right after doing the same. Finally to end the day Sony showed up and gave their official apology for the psn debacle. It was not all tears for Sony as they moved on and Kept right on going to end the day strong, well as strong as the day could end. With Big announcements and even bigger disappointments, Listen in to find out who showed big and who tripped and fell flat on there face. Good times inside, listen in to find out.

Show Notes

This show goes live to everyone, all remaining E3 specials will be exclusive to the subscribers.


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  1. wow, can’t believe how much you managed to pack in the half hour. i want to add that the special sony monitor does have a special split screen thing (not sure how that will work) where both (of 2p) players see a full tv screen instead of the usual split screen.

    there was a tiny bit of cross platforming shown with Ruin between PSVita and PS3. (sony is the only show i streamed/saw)

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