VG Pulse 54: Chasing A Grand City Fail

This weeks episode is brouhgt to you by failure. That is a technical, tempurature and english failure. I couldn’t figure it out untill the next day but skype decide to haunt the input volume on our mic. So our volume is anywhere from really soft to screaming loud. Audacity also went and had a bit of a tantrum as well. After an unprecidented 9 hours of editing its not going to get any better, sorry. So we recorded the show on Sony Vegas movie maker. It worked well enough. As for what happened during the show, Vailreth joins us once again to discuss the video games and sutch. The sutch being how hot the weather is. Once the three of us get through the news, We continue to the forums and butcher the English language. Not as bad as Fox news butchered the facts but still. Then we finish up with two reveiws. One that is good and the other that turns into a rant that goes on for way too long. Good times, Listen in to find out.

Show Notes


Intro – Hassel: The Dorkening by MC Frontalot
Outro – Main Title Theme as heard in the video game Cities XL


Grand Chase – PC – ESRB not rated
Vailreth – Download Now
Official Site

Cities XL Steam – ESRB
MillenniumX17 – Burn it
Official Site


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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 54: Chasing A Grand City Fail”

  1. Just FYI, G4 did do the coverage of E3. 2 full days of coverage followed by 3-4 hours over two more days.

  2. I hope the Sony hate dies down on this podcast. They deserve to be in the hotseat as of recently, but even before it wasn’t great treatment of Sony or the Playstation.

    I’m not some fanboy who thinks that because I own one console that means I HAVE to argue with the other fans, but let’s not slant this like all the software and hardware on the 360 is golden and they’ve never had a misstep.

  3. You reviewed Cities XL (almost finished with this ep as I write this)? That’s an interesting one. Isn’t it an MMO? Well, it used to be at least. I remember hearing that it went offline, but my memory’s fuzzy on that.

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