VG Pulse 56: Fabled E3

This week is a full house as Tim, Weltall and Bionic all join us to look back at the week that was E3 2011. Both the good and the bad, but mostly just bad, we look at what stood out to us. The conferences and games get discussed again, in a bit more detail. Also we get everyones opinion on Nintendo’s new piece of hardware, for better or for worse. I still don’t like the controller, but it is still early, I will hold out hope. We then skim over the forums and give you our most embarrassing E3 memory. Then its of to a review. Some may remember back in VGP 29, The Fan Show, That Bionic did a preview of Fable 3. He is back to finish his review. Lots to talk about, with lots of people to do the talking. Also the Manga Pulse crew is here and not one mention of their favorite furry creature. Good Times, Listen in to find out.

Show Notes


Intro – Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine
Outro – Main Theme to the video game Fable 3


Fable 3
Official Site

Tim The Enchanter

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