The Worlds of Anime and Gambling Collide

Anime might seem an entirely different world from online roulette games on the surface but more and more casino and gambling themes are popping up in anime, including several series where gambling plays a very central role. Chalk it up to basic human nature and a penchant for taking a risk and trusting in fate and fortune to provide, but it’s very likely that we’ll continue to see various anime incorporate a wide range of gambling themes, especially since it appeals to the same young, hip audience that gravitates to anime and manga.

The same fan that frequents online anime websites and forums is likely to give online gambling a whirl, especially as more and more sites use anime themes when designing slots and other virtual games. Most online gambling sites target men and women in the 20-40 years old age bracket, which spills over to many anime fans as well, making it a natural fit to blend the worlds together on both sides of the equation.

As far as popular anime where you’ll find prominent gambling themes, Kaiji is probably the best known, featured in both a television series as well as two live action movies. The hero turns to gambling to try to get out of debt, spawning a series of adventures held on cruise ships and underground camps before he finally does battle in an epic mahjong match and walks way with his pockets full of cash. Other well-known anime that have used gambling from time to time include Akagi, One Outs, One Piece, and Legendary Gambler Tetsuya.

Anime fans also can have plenty of other incentives to give online gambling a try, as many sites offer casino bonus promotions that offer generous cash bonuses just for signing up and depositing money at online sites. These bonuses can often double or even triple your first deposit, giving players free money to try out a wide range of games essentially risk-free, as they’re playing with the casino’s money until the bonus cash runs out.

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