VG Pulse 76: Grand Theft Battlefield

This is the first week in a while that there is actually some big news. That being the GTA 5 trailer is out. It anwsers some questions but brings up more. Also another small time developer has been swallowed up by a big publisher. This time it makes me angry. There is other news but I can’t remember any of it. Tells you just how importiant it is. We go over the forum and get your thoughts on music games. The review this week is Battlefield 3, All i can tell you here is that there are enough explosions in it to make Michael Bay jealous. Good Times, Listen in to find out.

Show Notes


Intro – Through the Night by Masahiko Arimach
Outro – Main Theme to the video game Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4 trailer
GTA V Trailer
The Birds of Anger


Battlefield 3 – Xbox 360, PS3, PC – ESRB “M”
MillenniumX17 – Gamefly
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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 76: Grand Theft Battlefield”

  1. Maybe a call of duty fanboy shouldn’t review games for video game pulse, and google is your friend. If u cant even use google to look up a term how can you host a podcast? this is why i don’t listen to VG Pulse because there people doing the show don’t know how to do a podcast.

    Also Mike stand for minutes in the phonetic alphabet. For distance they would use clicks for kilometers.

    If u dont have in intelligence to use google. then don’t make a podcast please.

  2. i don’t agree with the flaming above. … most of the comments made on the show seemed pretty neutral. when stating an opinion they specifically said what do you think or I think… And for someone to not know some military jargon…. that isn’t in or know much about military stuff… is normal… he said himself that battle field is more realistic and that COD is more video game esk.. if he is a COD fan boy not knowing something about military is … well Ok. so people stop flaming…

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