VG Pulse 86: Super Omega Awesome Sauce Banana Wagon

We are all back this week not as crazy and more importantly, under supervision. Kas is back this week and sick as well. To make her feel better we go to da ezmail. Its more random questions, which are all good. Thus ending up in a 15 something minute discussion on anime. Then we look into the news, we find enough to get by. The forums tell us what your favorite controllers are. After all this I get around to what I should have done last week, First look. Human Revolution goes under the microscope. Good Times, Listen in to find out.

Show Notes


Intro – Realove/Realife by Sphere
Outro – Icarus(Main Theme) in the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution

DLP/LED Comparison

First Look

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac OS X – ESRB “M”
Official Site


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