Achievement Unlocked: Procreator

Hi Everyone,

There wasn’t a new AP episode last week, and there won’t be one for the next couple weeks either. The reason? My wife gave birth to my son last Friday. So welcome the son of Ichigo 🙂

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17 Replies to “Achievement Unlocked: Procreator”

  1. ……And it was fortold that the Emoness is reproducing and cover the world in darkness. Forever will baby seals be clubbed and igloos built to better the dark empire of the Emo Eskimo. ….

    May the all powerful honey badger protect us….

  2. Hey congrats man. Be sure that your son is one of the biggest otaku out there. As I’m sure he will.

  3. Let’s hope we keep this show going long enough for him to grow up into the new third co-host. 😛

    And that answers my question. I figured March would pretty much be a no-show. I’ll use the time to watch more anime.

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