VG Pulse 102: E3 Newzapoluza Extraviganza : Nightmare Edition

This week I advise getting some food and a comfy seat, it is going to be a looong show. We go over the buzz of E3 and our thoughts on the new games and consoles, and then the news, though the forums and reviews will have to wait a week. Listen in to find out more~! -Akito

Show Notes


Intro – Bodies by Drowning Pool
Outro – Don’t Look Behind by EDISON

Skyrim DLC Trailer
E3 May Leave LA
38 Studios Declares Bankruptcy
Ni No Kuni This January
Deadlight Gameplay
Nintendo’s Pre E3 Conference
Project P-100
$78,000 DLC


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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 102: E3 Newzapoluza Extraviganza : Nightmare Edition”

  1. I’m not surprised you don’t know who Aisha Tyler is, Millennium. She’s not an A-lister at all, but there are even A-listers you’ve said you don’t know.

    She’s a comedian (but on that day, gamers sure didn’t think so) and she also enjoys gaming quite a bit. She loves Halo, Gears, and stuff like that.

    Right now she has a podcast called Girl on Guy, and she’s on that morning show with an all-female roundtable. No, not the one with Barbara Walters, the other one.

    I like her a lot, but from the clips I’ve seen of her at e3, that’s not her strongest stand-up set.

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