VG Pulse 108: Deadlight Mayhem

This week’s show is extremely side-note heavy as we talk about Millennium’s adventures in concerts and beds, and my adventures in broken consoles. Then we delve into the news and try our hardest to stay on track with the new and must-hears of the videogame industry, including a plan for rating systems that might actually WORK. All this and more coming up on VGP108! -Aki

Show Notes


Intro – Duality (Live) by Slipknot
Outro – Deadlight Main Theme

Akito’s CD Japan Link
The Next Xbox
E3 to Stay in LA
Final Numbers for Ouya Kickstarter
DayZ Breaks Out
A Novel Concept
Guillermo Del Toro Game Cancelled
Minecon 2012 Dates

First Look

Deadlight – XBLA – ESRB “M”
Official Site
Xbox Marketplace


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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 108: Deadlight Mayhem”

  1. Why did you skip over FF XII? So you guys played XII but didn’t play 12?

    XI is the MMO, as is XIV. There’s also supposed to be (still) a versus XIII coming out. I’m more excited for that almost canceled game than I was for XIII.

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