VG Pusle 109: Stuck To the Chair

This week we talk about my 3DS being fixed and about my adventures in UPS, as well as go into some sad news. Then we go onto discussing a new version of the Ouya and talk about some not so good news with Blizzard. All this and more coming up on VGP 109! -Aki

Show Notes


Intro – Tetris A Theme By FamilyJules7x
Outro – Deadlight Main Theme

Ouya Kickstarter Has Ended
Sony Abandons Last Guardian Trademark!!?!
Wii U Delayed?
Durango Dev Kit Sells on Ebay
Girlfriend Mode
Steampunk Controller


Deadlight – XBLA – ESRB “M”
MillenniumX17 – Gamefly
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Xbox Marketplace


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  1. I think you give FPS’ too much credit and women not enough credit. I don’t think they’re too “complex” (even Borederlands), but they’re very involved. Shooting is shooting, you aim and shoot. All the other stuff, like loadouts and leveling and skill trees is maybe a barrier to entry.

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