VG Pulse 125: Sandy Hook Rant

If you’re reading this, congrats! We’re still alive and the world didn’t end for now!!! This week we get onto a serious conversation concerning the issue of gun control in this country following the horrific massacre that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. If you are sensitive to this event or the issue of gun control as a whole we advise skipping the first set of side notes. After that discussion comes to its close, we move onto some dull news and no forums before Millennium gives his final review of Far Cry 3. All this and more next on VGP 125! -Akito

Show Notes


Intro – Tetris B Theme Guitar Cover – FamilyJules7X
Outro – Far Cry 3 Main Theme – Brian Tyler

The Yankee Marshall
Internet Cafe Robbery Foiled
IIJERiiCHOII Youtube Layout Parody
Knee Jerk Reactionary Mob Blames Wrong Person
New Study Researching Effects of Violent Video Games
Chapter 11 For THQ
Metal Gear Rising Cover Art
Third DLC For Borderlands 2


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  1. Why do you hate on the Wii U? My friends and I have one and it’s THE BEST console out now. I’m serious. Being a video game podcast, you guys need to be more open to new consoles and games!

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