VG Pulse 127: Newz Explosion

This week on VGP its our 1st week back in 2013! And its already a news heavy show! We start off with some discussion on the new gun laws in New York State as well as talk of new books, and then we get into the real news! We discuss some of the up and coming games of 2013, what we’re looking forward to, and some thing we may not be looking forward to! Afterwards we go over the forums and discuss our opinion on what we think is our personal game of the year. All this and more on VGP127! -Aki

Show Notes


Intro – The Walking Dead Main Theme
Outro – Dishonored – Drunken Whaler

NY S1422-2013 – NY Gun Ban Bill
Anonymous Seeks to Legalize DDoS
Australia’s First R18+ Game
Another Violent Video Game Study
Awesome NES Controller


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