VG Pusle 128: Wrath of the Depressing Newz

This week on VGP we go over some long-awaited ezmailz after a college-inspired rant from yours truly. We then delve into the news and discuss a lot of depressing thing such as more on the 38 Studios mess, as well as talking about the new white PS3 bundle available at GameStop if you still want a PS3. No forums this week, and we finish off with Millenniums first look at Ni No Kuni! All this and more on VGP128! -Aki

Show Notes


Intro – Ni No Kuni OST – Main Theme
Outro – Magic Dance by David Bowie

THQ Sale
Sold Separately
38 Studios Owner Attempts to Recoup Losses
Another Bankruptcy
Special Editions Revealed
Oversold and Then Cancelled

First Look

Ni No Kuni – PS3 – ESRB “10+” – MillenniumX17
Official Site


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