VG Pulse 131: Soft and Squishy

This week on VGP, we get into some amusing side notes, and then we has EZMAILS *gasp*! After those, we go over our thoughts and theories about the big Sony Event that is happening on February 20th, as well as a collection of 30 years worth of video game history being sold on Ebay for a great sum of money that we don’t have. After the news we skip this weeks forum and delve into my 1st look at Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked and Millennium’s final review of Ni No Kuni! All this and more next on VGP131!! -Aki

Show Notes


Intro – Devil Survivor Overclocked Opening Theme – Soul Survive
Outro – Ni No Kuni – Kokoro No Kakera

Rayman Legends Delayed
Rayman Dev Surprised by Delay
Delaying The Last of Us
Sony Event
1/2 Million$
Impossible Studios Shut Down
Journey Fails At Grammys

First Look

Devil Survivor Overclocked – DS, 3DS – ESRB “T” – DarkGodAkito
Official Site


Ni No Kuni – PS3 – ESRB “E10+”
MillenniumX17 – Crackers
Official Site


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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 131: Soft and Squishy”

  1. What does the length of a game have to do with whether a game is GotY worthy?

    Millennium, you’ve mentioned re-playability and length in response to IGN making Journey a game of the year.

    If length of a game or replayability has to be a factor in making a game worthy of being a Game of the Year, then a puzzle game like the classic Tetris would be out of contention, while a game like Duke Nukem Forever would have a better shot.

    The main requirement for a game to be Game of the Year is that it has to be a good game, a quality game.

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