Denver Comic Con 2014

We Discuss Denver Comic Con 2014. This is the first of a few shows about the convention.

To enter into the Dice Ring giveaway from CritSuccess comment on this episode and we will pick one comment to win.

Pictures from the Convention

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16 Replies to “Denver Comic Con 2014”

  1. Wow. You mean i can win something, and all I have to do is comment on this? In any case looking forward to winning this, since there will only be 3-4 participants.

  2. I have listened to this show from the shadows for years. I will now enter my first contest. I MUST HAVE THE RING OF. . . power? Well, randomization anyways.

  3. CONTEST! I have wanted a critical success ring for quite some time… but I’m too poor. lol

    Also, I want to go to comic con, but I’m too poor. lol

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