Script 2 Script 3: Water Fight

In this episode we tackle the movie that was as fleeting as the fame of its star, Robert Pattinson. Of course we’re talking about the Twilight star’s attempt to throw off the chains of vampire typecasting and become a serious actor in Water for Elephants[2011]. He’s accompanied by Reese Witherspoon who’s character is younger than his while she’s a decade his senior. Also Christoph Waltz who plays an evil Nazi working in a circus.

Together, they will rescue an elephant from prospective death only for Waltz to receive orders from upper command to kill the elephant in a ritual sacrifice. We’re also treated to the internal monologue of Rosie, the elephant, voiced by a computer generated Orson Welles in a glorious comeback that should not be missed.

Also, you should listen in to hear about the magical dwarf who appears, like an Oompa Loompa, at just the right time to rescue Robert. There’s also an old man who suffers from paralysis for reasons that make no sense, in the movie anyways, who also teleports at intervals necessary to the plot before dying off camera.

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