VG Pulse 223: Security Ranger

This week on VG Pulse, we start off with side notes of our favorite shows of April, as well as thoughts about guitar amps! After the side notes we dive into the flash news [FNAF movie!]. After the flash news we cover off the regular news, in which we discuss the merits of having researchers find security flaws for you, and the on goings of Nintendo and Kojima Productions! After the news we go over the forum, and finish off with me attempting to give a first look of Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs while Millennium and Kas go off on a giggle fit! All this and more up next on VGP 223! -Aki

Show Notes

Intro РPok̩mon Title Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules7X
Outro – Don’t Look Behind by EDISON

Carvin CT6M Unboxing
Security Flaw
Scammers Are Out There
AT&T Upset With Competition
Silent Hills Development In Danger
The Hyperkin Situation

First Look
Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs – Nintendo DS – ESRB “E10+” – DarkGodAkito
Official Site


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