Script 2 Script 4: 1984

In this episode we tackle a request by a fellow comrade, 1984. It is a glorious tale of Big Brother’s march forward towards victory. We will discuss the tragedy of Winston and Julia, two ember of the inner party who became corrupted by Goldstein’s philosophy and turned traitor.

How could a man, given glorious work within the Party, turn against it? It begins with his corruption of truth when he believes he is short of razor blades. He becomes convinced that there is a shortage because he has so few when the records clearly state that there was a surplus that year. The only answer then is that Winston is a wasteful man who tosses his luxuries away without thought.

Or it could be that he wastes his excess on prole prostitutes. He certainly spends a lot of time having intercourse, recreational!, with a woman who is not his wife. No doubt he simply takes the generous stipend of the party and uses it to feed his animal desires. Who knows what manner of diseases he has accumulated, no doubt to spread it among others and corrupt the Party.

But Big Brother is always watching and Big Brother always knows. Big Brother took Winston and reshaped the man who was imperfect through the Ministry of Love. Winston, a broken man, was made to repent and see the error of his ways. The power of Big Brother is such that even the corruption of Goldstein is no match for His love.

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