After Dark Episode 1: Sensei Says Suck It

Behold! Ryo and community member turned host, Innocuous Blonde are here to bring you something new, something fresh, something…X rated? That’s right kitty cats this Anime Pulse After Dark! We’re here to fill your dreams with tentacle monsters and school girls.We kick things off with a disclaimer. Are you under 18? You might wanna come back later. Next we dive head first into our show which is called Temptation which Ryo demanded we watch because of reasons. A teacher is sleeping with his students and black mail? How could we say no? We end things with the note of: Don’t be creepy. K thanks.

This is a new show and we want your feedback! Email me at or PM one of us to tell us what you think! How can we improve? Is there a new section you’d like us to add? Tell us your thoughts.


Intro: It Was A Very Lovely June by Hatsune Miku

Outro: Imitation from Nisemonogatari by Satoru Kosaki

Hentai: Temptation (Yuuwaku)

Ryo: Fakin’

Blonde: Yada yada

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6 Replies to “After Dark Episode 1: Sensei Says Suck It”

  1. Ryo & Blonde, congratulations on your new show.
    It’s nice to finally hear the real Innocuous Blonde. 😀

  2. @dragonofthewest yes you can absolutely send requests! I can set up a form topic tomorrow morning or you can shoot me an email with your request.

  3. I (a gay male) found this surprisingly funny. You two should tackle some of the horrible yaoi out there. *wink wink*

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