After Dark Episode 5: Grubs?! In My V****a?!

That’s right, children! Episode five is here and ready for you to sink your teeth, claws, various torture devices, right into it. Blonde and I start things off with a discussion of sound quality. The short version is we’re still working on it. Then we have Ezmails!! After that we dive into the horror filled F**k fest that is Black Widow. This one is not for the faint of heart.

Leave your friends behind and come check us out on AP After Dark Episode five.



Black Widow

Ryo- Fap now (formally known as bangin’)

Blonde- Fap now

Intro: Reign of the Dark by Adrian von Ziegler

Outro: Imitation

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3 Replies to “After Dark Episode 5: Grubs?! In My V****a?!”

  1. Since Black Widow is a horror hentai, could you call it a “whorror”? ::RIMSHOT::

    I’ve given both Manga pulse and RedUnit10 grief over pronunciation, so why not bring my pedantic asshole charm to After Dark? You say “ehk-key” I say “eh-chi” I don’t think I have ever heard the word ecchi pronounced in anime or hentai EVER, but I believe that the second pronunciation is the correct one. I’ve had to learn better before (anime has two correct pronunciations, and now gif does, too; GRR)

    I’m basing my pronunciation on the tendency for hard/soft pronunciation in Japanese to be the reverse of English.

  2. This is horribly late but yes you’re right about the pronunciation. I was never sure so I changed the way I said it when I heard “Ehk-key”

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