After Dark 11: Sensei Says Suck It 2: The Squeakquel

Greetings dear listeners. We’re back to bring you another student teacher title. Guess who picked it? After the review we have a more serious discussion on the issue with student teacher relationships and why they are not the best idea. To top everything off we do dramatic readings of some student teacher erotica.

Hentai: Immoral

Blonde: Yada yada

Ryo: Yada yada

Opening:  My Two Cents by Caro Emerald

Ending: Imitation

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4 Replies to “After Dark 11: Sensei Says Suck It 2: The Squeakquel”

  1. You sold a copy of My Two Cents just by putting it as the opening song. 🙂

    Some good discussions on this episode as well.

  2. This is an awesome podcast. I really like the perspective you lady’s you lady’s bring to it. The humor is spot on and your laughs are contagious. Wanted to know where I could go to suggest future materail?

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