After Dark Special: Oh GAWD the Scapula

Shit gets weird in this very special episode of anime pulse after dark, dear listeners. We skip the hentai and move straight to dramatic reading erotica. Ryo reading tentacles, magical girls, and a bad hatoful boyfriend fan fiction. Blonde read aliens, fucking to death, and something really boring. Do not worry, dear listeners, the hentai will return shortly. Until then enjoy this fuck fest of an episode. 

Opening: Reversible Campaign Cover by akem

Ending: imitation

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3 Replies to “After Dark Special: Oh GAWD the Scapula”

  1. Funny episode. Much laughing and eye rolling was had but are you folks aware there have been some slight issues with Innocuous Blonde’s audio?

    1. Oh believe me I am aware. It took me several hours to edit the episode because her audio cut in and out. No fault of her but audacity sucks!

  2. Aw man, I’m hearing this now. I will have to tool around and find out why this was acting up. I think the laptop might have been running some stuff in the background that caused some wonkiness. Flippin’ Windows 10.

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