VG Pulse 299: Smash Reflection

This week on VG Pulse, I get to spazz out about Nintendo! We start out with side-notes of a weak-sauced dragon, before diving into the main news where I recap what was announced during the March 8th Nintendo Direct, we have another discussion about politicians and violent video games, and the current state of Crytek! After the news, we go over the forums, Millennium gives his final review of Blue Reflection, and we finish off with talk of anime! All this and more up next on VGP 299! -Aki

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Show Notes

Intro – Persona 5 – Life Will Change Guitar Cover by FamilyJules
Outro – Persona 4 – Reach Out To The Truth – First Battle

Nintendo Direct March Recap
President Trumps Violent Video Game Round Table
The New Shape of DLC!!
COD: Black Ops 4 (Leaked)Announced
The ESRB Loot Box Band Aid

Blue Reflection – PS4, PSV, PC – ESRB “E10+”
MillenniumX17 – Gamefly
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2 Replies to “VG Pulse 299: Smash Reflection”

  1. Blue Reflection. Return of “Ass, Knee and Panty Shot Simulator 2018”. I would not be surprised if there is some unsavoury mods for this game. 😛

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