VG Pulse 320: Dark Holiday Clouds

This week on VG Pulse, we wish you a merry Christmas! We open up with some incredibly sad family news, before diving into the regular news where we discuss our thoughts on the Game Awards, have some discussion on possible future fighters in Smash, and talk about Germany suing Nintendo! After the news, Millennium gives a first look on Red Dead Redemption 2, and we finish off with talk of anime! All this and more up next on VGP 320!! -Aki

Show Notes

Intro – Tetris A Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules
Outro – Tetris B Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules

The Advertisement Awards
Stardew Valley Dev Expands Team
Mario VA Sets Guinness World Record
Regrets Jumping Ship to EA
Epic Makes Bank on Fortnite in 2018
Filing More Lawsuits

Red Dead Redemption 2 – XB1, PS4 – ESRB “M” – MillenniumX17
Official Site


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One Reply to “VG Pulse 320: Dark Holiday Clouds”

  1. First and foremost, RIP to gramps. At least one person isn’t in danger of witnessing Mils tape scraps of paper to TVs.

    On the topic of copyright, a lot of music acts get caught taking music and using it in their songs. You already mentioned Vanilla Ice with his “Ice Ice Baby” beat. I think that one was stolen from David Bowie?
    Another infamous swipe was the guy who did the Ghostbusters theme. He had one hit, from a hit movie, but swiping music from another song left him with no profits.

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