After Dark 37: Fuck Me Like We are in Old Country

That’s right listeners, Ryo and Blonde Finally did it. To celebrate live shows now being a thing your two favorite perverted hosts dove into Bible Black and all that it contains. Are you excited. They sure were. Practice your incantations and get ready for this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark!

Hentai: Bible Black

Ryo: Mild Erection

Blonde: Fap Now!

Intro: Mozaik Role cover by Akem

Outro: Imitation from Nisemonogateri

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One Reply to “After Dark 37: Fuck Me Like We are in Old Country”

  1. Oh man. This show is old and makes me feel old when you covered it in the show.

    Great work ladies. I repeatedly almost lost it at the comment about Minase searching the couch for food and resorting to humping couch cushions. XD

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