After Dark 47: Boy Panties

Didn’t get enough of that boy on boy action last episode listeners? Perhaps another dose of that all dick goodness is what you need? Well like it or not it’s here for you. Ryo and Blonde present a double header episode with a bonus round later on. Get ready to get broken in on this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark.

Hentai one: Otoko no ko Delivery
Ryo: Fap Now!
Blonde: Fap Now!

Hentai two: Renai Fuyou Gakuha the Animation
Ryo: Yada Yada
Blonde: Yada Yada

Intro: Mozaik Role cover by Akem
Outro: Imitation from Nisemonogateri

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One Reply to “After Dark 47: Boy Panties”

  1. Shota and Loli hentai bad! But when ladyboys/traps are okay when we say it is! When you can’t explain what an otoknoko is involved, just remember your love…

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