VG Pulse 369: The Times Are Changing

This week on VGP, happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!! We start off with side notes of dentist appointments and general weariness from working retail in the fall season, before diving into the not-terribly-shocking news that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is an absolute scumbag to the highest degree, before diving into Rockstar’s absolutely embarrassing showing of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, as well as the surprising news that Six Days In Fallujah is still a thing! After the news I give a first look at Potion Craft, and Millennium gives a review of Forza Horizon 5! After the news we discuss food and anime!! All this up next on VGP 369!! -Aki

Intro – Forza Horizon 5 Title Theme
Outro – The Last of Us Main Theme

Bobby Kotick Is A Scumbag
GTA Trilogy Has a Few Issues
Battlefield 2042 Has a Few Issues
Steam Deck Delayed
Six Days in Fallujah is Still a Thing!!?!? And Delayed??

Potion Craft – PC – ESRB Not Rated
Fandom Wiki
Official Site
Forza Horizon 5 -PC, XB1, XB X/S – ESRB “E10+”
MillenniumX17 – Crackers
Official Site



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