VG Pulse 378: Wake Us Up When August Ends

This week on VG Pulse, it’s almost vacation time! We start off with side notes about going to our local farm fair, and Millennium shares some exciting news about something he’s been working on for awhile!! Afterwards we dive into the news where we discuss everything that was announced at Gamescom, news about the upcoming Splatoon 3, Sony and Tencent acquiring way too many stocks of FromSoftware, and news about the newest upcoming title of the Dark Pictures Anthology! After the news we go through the Discord Discussions, and Millennium and I give a joint review of Project Zomboid! We finish off with talk of anime! All this and more up next on VGP 378! -Aki

Intro – Start Lifting Dumbells and Your Life Will Change – Triple-Q Remix(Persona 5/Dumbells)
Outro – The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent ED – Page For Tomorrow

CoryxKenshin – YouTube: Racism and Favoritism
Jacksepticeye – Youtube has some serious issues….
Markiplier – Try Not to Get AGE-RESTRICTED Challenge
Gamescom 2022 Highlights
THQ Nordic Digital Showcase
Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct
Another Reason Digital Only Is a Problem
Breaking Bad Creator Had An Idea!!!

Project Zomboid – PC – ESRB “NR”
MillenniumX17/DarkGodAkito – Buy It Now!
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