VG Pulse 40: Orange Stampede!!!!!

This week we look into the news and go over it with alot of depth and insight. After that we dive into forum disscussion. The thread of Activision got lackluster responses, but we make due with what we have. Then it is off to the most vague review in VG Pulse history. I manage to talk about a game while barely describing what it is. Still good times though, Listen in to find out.
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VG Pulse 39: Poke Storm of the Bullet Heros

This week, well its hard to find any “good” news. We try to, just to lighten the mood. Unfortunatly, we get around to this week in Activision and talk about Guitar Hero. Once that rage filled discussion is over we are off to happier times, with some forum disscusion. We look into your thoughts on the ESRB and find out the parents have more to do with the issue than any ratings system can handle. Then we try to cheer everything up with some reviews. Good times to be had, listen in to find out.
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VG Pulse 38: Trial of Winter

This week is yet another unsupervised show with the two of us. Rhynoo is out due to him loosing his voice. We make the best of it. We find some news to talk about and then were off the the best forum responce ever. With the best VG Pulse forum thread over, the bar is set really high for the next one. So we go for an interesting debate topic. If that is not enough a game then gets reviewed. Good times for all, listen in to find out.

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VG Pulse 37: Crazy Party

We have a full episode for all the listeners this week. We look at the news, It is a mixed bag this week. Then it is off to the forums to see what epic acomplishments you have done, that is if you posted. Not all your falult, we failed at explaining it more clearly. This weeks disscussion is a bit easier to understand. Top this show off with my epic Crazy Taxi 2 story and a dual reveiw, well its a full hour of fun. Listen in to find out.
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Activision Ends Guitar Hero franchice

Activision announced on Tuesday that they will be dissolving the Guitar Hero business unit. This means that the Guitar Hero 2011 game and the DJ Hero 2011 game are no longer in production. They went on and further said that they will continue to support all “Hero” games that have all ready been released. Activision stated that the reason for this unfortunate decision was the declining sale in the music genre over the last two years.
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VG Pulse 36: Jurassic Twilight

In this episode, the news gets dominated by Activision and the 3DS with a few other bits. The forums get looked at, we find out what game charicters you hate the most. That is if you posted in the forum. We then can’t find the correct words to describe the next forum topic. Once we stop failing at english, we then get to review two games. Good times to be sure of, Listen in to find out.
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VG Pulse 35: Golden Overture of War

In this episode the three of us go on a news frenzy and actually find some good relevant news to discuss. Then we look at the forum thread about hoarding and discover most people call it collecting. Once we finish that up Rhynoo decides that the show up to this point has not gotten dangerous enough yet, so he reviews a game. Enough said, Good times inside, listen in to find out.
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VG Pulse 33: Holiday with the New Crew

Wow, Sorry for the lateness of the show. For this and next week you will get two VGPs a week. Nothing like Christmas in February.

In this holiday edition of VGP we go over some news with varying degrees of relevance, we rant about the finer points of forum participation and for good measure we review 3 games as well. Ohh yah, did i mention that the new hosts went a whole show without supervision. Yup thats corrrect, listen in to find out how well that went.
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