After Dark 12: I can’t take anymore clam chowder

Ryo and Blonde are back baby! And this time we brought a futa title. But before we dive into all things intersex we discuss a panel that we attended at Anime Boston that indeed made us question our humanity. Come, join us, we have cute red heads. Continue reading “After Dark 12: I can’t take anymore clam chowder”

After Dark 11: Sensei Says Suck It 2: The Squeakquel

Greetings dear listeners. We’re back to bring you another student teacher title. Guess who picked it? After the review we have a more serious discussion on the issue with student teacher relationships and why they are not the best idea. To top everything off we do dramatic readings of some student teacher erotica. Continue reading “After Dark 11: Sensei Says Suck It 2: The Squeakquel”

After Dark Episode 10: Behind the Scenes


Greetings, dear listeners. We’re back and we bring gifts. Here’s a hint: It’s a soap opera. Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of those hotel makeover shows? Well you’re certainly in for a treat. Grab your popcorn and listen in to the twists and turns of Swallowtail Inn. Continue reading “After Dark Episode 10: Behind the Scenes”

After Dark Episode 9: Nobody Expects the Tentacle Inquistion

Greeting as salutations, dear listeners. After a lost episode Blonde and Ryo are back to give you something on the horrifying side of things. Ryo really wishes she didn’t listen to this whole episode while editing because she blocked out everything. God. Why. Turn down the volume and lock all your door because things around to get freaky up in here on After Dark Episode 9.

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After Dark Episode 8: The Double Header

Hello listners, No we’re not dead, but maybe dying. But before our inevitable return to the grave we bring you another steamy episode of After Dark. We’re here to take you two a whole new world of holes with two titles that offer a variety of feelings.

Look through that peep hole and join us in After Dark Episode 8.

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After Dark Episode 7: Boning By the Light

We’re back and this time we brought a cheap swirling background. Oooooo bad special effects sure do get my motor running! Blonde and I review a hentai that feels a tad bit like Freaky Friday if that movie followed the title more closely. After that we discuss the pros and cons of sex robots. Continue reading “After Dark Episode 7: Boning By the Light”

After Dark Ep 6: Unic*ck Despoiler of Virgins

We’re back, dear listeners. This time we brought our new pet tentacle monster with us for a review of Inyouchuu The Animation. Later we discuss one of the sequels and why bees have become 100 times more funny. We wrap things up with a discussion on sex positivity.

Surrender to your inner slut with us on After Dark episode 6

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Another Anime Convention Coverage 2015

Wow this is late–I mean of course it’s not! Hahahaha Ryo is always on time. Anyways I have brought two friends with me, Suave Assassin and Aigis here to talk about the convention we attended. Big thanks to all the people who I met and got to talk with. I’ll post links to cool people down below. Be sure to check them out and give them love.

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