After Dark Ep 6: Unic*ck Despoiler of Virgins

We’re back, dear listeners. This time we brought our new pet tentacle monster with us for a review of Inyouchuu The Animation. Later we discuss one of the sequels and why bees have become 100 times more funny. We wrap things up with a discussion on sex positivity.

Surrender to your inner slut with us on After Dark episode 6



Hentai:Inyouchuu The Animation

Mild Erection (Ryo)

Mild Erection (Blonde)


Intro: Outer Science (Len remix) by Jin

Outro: Imitation

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2 Replies to “After Dark Ep 6: Unic*ck Despoiler of Virgins”

  1. Holy shit, I am honestly shocked this was never a thing before. I have been busy as all fuck at work and just out of the loop and just now finding this show. Great job ladies…hope this is a thing and has staying power.

  2. Ladies (or should I say mistresses since this is a hentai show) I have a website for you, sine you mentioned “marital aids” is a site where they review sex toys and sex-related products. The twist is that it’s ALL drawn, and the characters are of all body shapes and sexual backgrounds.

    I don’t think there is any hentai with guys getting tentacled, but I may be wrong. I thought there was no shota hentai until I learned of the existence of Boku no Pico. ::SHUDDER::

    In anime, guys have been wrapped in tentacles. Hell, even Superman has been wrapped in tentacles.

    There’s one last thing you might want to work on to improve the show: Innocuous’ audio echoing.

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