Episode 467: Plastic Mouse

Sorry for the late release everyone, with Thanksgiving just around the corner Red has been pretty busy with other things and just plum forgot to upload the show. But at last here it is, so enjoy. As per normal it’s IRL news first with a brand new intro sound, Red likes this one much better and hopefully you do too. Starting off IRL news though Red talks about how he has a job with the state of new york finally, and Ryo continues to suffer from the curse of the cohost. Afterwards is industry news with a short piece from Red about an animator for Full Metal Alchemist who retells an encounter he had with police, and Ryo follows up with news of an arrest after a group uploaded scanlations of a manga online. And finally it’s into the reviews, with Red’s look at an old one from 2003 called Mouse and Ryo picking up something more recent titled Plastic Memories.

Show Notes


Intro – Mouse Chu Mouse by Under17 from Mouse
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Mouse– Crackers

Plastic Memories – Download Now


An Animator’s Police Encounter

Manga Uploader’s Arrested


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