Popcorn Pulse 42: Nick’s Hot Cage

To the movies, ready with popped corn and refreshing carbonated beverages, we go. For our joint discussion, we talk about 8MM(1999). While the title makes it sound like a documentary dedicated to the development of a caliber that just preceeded the more popular 9MM but only just.

It features Nicolas Cage directed by none other than Joel “if I can’t kill the Batman, no one can” Schumacher. Cage is brought in to investigate the legitimacy of a “snuff film” which leads him to the underground porn scene as imagined by old people in the nineties. The constant brushes against fetishes that anyone who’s browsed the internet for porn has seen in passing at least once makes it hilariously dated.

Weltall then talks about Hollywood Hot Tubs(1984). Being an eighties “ranchy” comedy, they provide no end to the excuses to get the tits out and bounce around. It also features terrible jokes, a couple of quotable lines and someone impersonating Burt Reynolds back when he could actually headline a movie.

Tim then drags out a terrible horror adaptation of a Dean Koontz novel, In the Mouth of Madness. The opening song is not quite Enter Sandman which is fitting because Dean Koontz is not quite a talented novelist. It features Sam Neil, hunting down a fictional author who’s writing is real. It turns out the author is evil and trying to usher in an age of madness or something vaguely Lovecraftian.

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