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Popcorn Pulse 146: Willy’s Wonderland

There are some actors who are like the white rice of film. Then there are tried and true spices like garlic and you can never have too much garlic. The same could be said of one Nicolas Cage and we’ve got a dollar store can full in Willy’s Wonderland[2021].

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Popcorn Pulse 145: The Last Forger

Has it been awhile since we did a Travolta movie? Probably. No one cares for us to go back and look. We grabbed The Forger[2014] off the rack to see what travesty was produced.

Travolta plays an Art Forger who’s son is dying of cancer. He calls in a favor from a mob boss to get out of jail early. This involves forging a Monet to steal and give to the mob. Travolta almost fits being a washed up wannabe artist who makes copies. Plus they don’t pull any punches and have the kid miraculously beat cancer at the end.

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Popcorn Pulse 144: Vampy Kisses

What to do for movies. Shit, we know we watched something we could do. Fuck it, Nicholas Cage it is. Time to break out Vampire’s Kiss(1988). One of Cage’s first roles where he brings a woman home back to his place and starts making out with her. Things are going well enough to start undressing. At least until a bat comes in.

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Popcorn Pulse 143: Woman Hunter

We remember how the DC film adaptations haven’t done too hot critically or financially. They’ve made their money but they’re very clearly on rocky ground. One of the exceptions was Wonder Woman. Which meant we had to talk about Wonder Woman 1984[2020] as it recently came out.

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Popcorn Pulse 142: Guns Forever

Anyone check in on that Harry Potter guy? We hear the author hasn’t been getting high praise these days. Turns out Radecliffe was in an action movie in Guns Akimbo[2019].

Playing against type, he’s a nerdy loser who works for a pay to play game. At night, he drinks craft beer, masturbates, and “trolls” people online. As this is a film, trolling involves telling people they suck in livestream chats. This gets the attention of the head of an organization that runs real life murder fights. Potter-san wakes up with two guns drilled to his hands and a bounty on his head.

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Popcorn PUlse 141: Found Keaton

In the nineteen fifties everything was Detroit rolling iron, drive in movies, and sock hops. At least according to our industrious research of watching Happy Days. So where was someone supposed to go to get a bite to eat without waiting forever? In comes The Founder[2016] to tell that story.

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Popcorn Pulse 140: Wolvhound Unbound

One. Two. Three movies, ah, ah, ah. Now that you’re hearing this read to you but a purple felted vampire, we have films for your perusal. We’ve got some of the late, great Raul Julia in Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound(1990).

Raul is Frankenstein who get’s visited by John Hurt who is hurled back in time because of a wormhole weapon he created in our future. Like all Roger Corman films, it’s held together with spit and twine. All driven by a ticking clock forcing the production schedule.

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Popcorn Pulse 139: Wrong Rose

Crack open a cold one. Fire up the popcorn popper. Wipe down your theater seat because your local government demands it. We’re back with cinematic projections focused on the great and now late Sean Connery. Digging into the older and lesser talked films of his career, we tap into Name of the Rose(1986).

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Popcorn Pulse 138: Balls of Doom

Come on down to the graveyard and don’t be seduced by the tall man. We’ve cracked open the skull of a b movie monster film, Phantasm(1979). We have a sad kid who works on cars that lives with his brother. Their parents are dead and then some of the older brother’s friends start dying. Bodies start disappearing and silver orbs are zooming about. All why a creepily tall man shouts “boy!” This may sound like a normal day in Kansas and it is until they stumble upon a gateway to another dimension or maybe planet appears.

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