Popcorn Pulse 41: Air Force Gary

There are rare times when we can be asked to settle on anything consistent. This is one such time where a single person can serve as the focal point of discussion. Though not always a major feature in the respective features in this episode, Gary Oldman is our anchor.

We start with True Romance in which Gary Oldman plays a be-dreadlocked gang leader who dies early on. It’s instead focuses on Christian Slater who is a comic book shop clerk who falls in love with a prostitute. It’s like Pretty Woman as reimagined by Tarantino. This means there’s cocaine and an armed standoff.

Tim then talks about Rosencrantz and Guildentern are Dead. A discussion and appreciation escaped him and he assumed it was because he just wasn’t familiar enough with the base material, Hamlet. Our overall figuring was that it’s basically Clerks but with smaller characters in a Shakespeare play.

Weltall then discusses Air Force One. Gary Oldman is a villain of vaguely Eastern European evilness who manages a rather elaborate plot to take the U.S. President hostage on his plane. This allows Harrison Ford to shout “Get off my plane!” while expelling the remaining effort he could muster. Leaving the empty husk of his body to turn in performances like Ender’s Game.

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