Popcorn Pulse 40: Schwarzenegger

The show has hit forty and decided that it wants to have a bit of a midlife crisis. Along with the attendant trophy wife and convertible sports car, it decided to dip a little into the nostalgia pool.

We first talk about Eraser(1996). It features Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams. Both of them became famous for appearing in public in very little clothing. There’s a magic Hollywood trifecta of evil in that the bad guys are a corporation that makes guns and sells them to Russian terrorists. These guns also happen to be assault rifle sized rail guns which knock back the victims about thirty feet and have a scope which has x-ray vision.

Weltall then decides to stick with the Arnie action by talking about True Lies(1994). It is little more than an excuse to string action set pieces together and have Arnold quip. Also Tom Arnold gets stolen from and kneed in the groin. For those two things alone we’re pretty sure Leonard Maltin gave it two stars for that alone.

Tim then has a very brief bit about Twins(1988). It features Arnold and Danny Devito as a pair of twins. Shenanigans ensue and there’s joke abound. And if you haven’t seen the clip of Arnold belting out Yakety Yak by the Coasters on a plane, you should. We like to imagine that’s exactly how he won the governor’s seat. By singing that and promising to shut up only if they voted for him.

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