Popcorn Pulse 39: Push the Sleeping

There’s…some…thing of a review…going on…today. We’ve decided to talk about The Kidnapping of the President(1980) starring William Shatner. That is to say that Billy got top billing in the movie. He shows up for a lot less screen time that you’d think the ex-captain would be able to get out of in a Canadian budgeted movie. It’s not like he was that famous, almost fifteen years after the Enterprise went off into its final venture.

With that out of the way, Tim the talks about Push[2009]. He marvels at how he couldn’t have seen this when it originally came out. For the five people reading this that hadn’t already, he is very excited to tell you that you should go see it. Also, if features the guy who played Ajihad in the shitty Eragon movie continuing to have a career in stark contrast to the lead who has done little since.

Weltall then talks about Sleeping Beauty[2011] featuring Emily Browning. It’s a patchwork nightmare of awkwardness that makes Michael Cera look like social titan. If you were looking for a film to help weigh your bucket list down so your body won’t leave the riverbed once you jump, this is for you. Add it to your library along with The Road and A Million Ways to Die in the West.

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