Episode 19: Lupin the 3rd steals the Last Exile from the Millenium Actress

This week we review Last Exile, Lupin the 3rd, and Millenium Actress. We also accept a challange from the Ninja Consultant podcast regarding why we like Bleach.

Millenium Actress – Download Now!
Lupin the 3rd – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Last Exile – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers

Show Notes


WPHS 89.1 FM in Warren, MI raises money for kids
his year, we intend to raise money for the Warren Consolidated Schools Health Council, a council of nurses that purchases medicine for children whose parents cannot afford it. The basic way it works is, Johny Otaku has asthma. Johny’s dad has been laid off and his mom’s job isn’t pulling in enough money to get him his inhaler. The parents ask the Council for help, and the nurses buy little Johny’s inhaler for the parents, this way Johny gets his inhaler and if the parents have substance abuse problems or anything that they would divert the medicine money to, they can’t. The money has been spent and Johny has his medicine.

Anime.com Adds “Anime Shrines”
Anime.com is introducing “Anime Shrines” a new subsection to the website. Totaling over 200 unique web pages the Anime Shrines function by creating discrete “groups” that highlight a particular anime title or related subject.

Bleach Licensed ?
There are currently reports going around, stemming from this article on C21 Media, that Viz has “licensed” Bleach (TV). Due to the fact that the article quotes staff at Viz Media BV in Europe and that Viz holds international rights for many titles that it has not decided to release in North America. We consider this just a RUMOR.

Funimation Films Launch Date
Funimation has announced the launch date for the first Funimation Films theatrical release. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn will screen in select Landmark theaters starting on March 17. Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler will show with Fusion Reborn as a double feature.

East Coast Correspondent Rangiku sends us fudge!
We got some fudgilicious fudge from Rangiku. Thank you!!!

Anime Boston Artists’ Alley Sells Out in 5 Minutes
5 Minutes and 25 seconds is all the time it took for Anime Boston 2006’s 84 artists’ alley spaces to sell out yesterday. 2005’s artists’ alley sold out in roughly 45 minutes, so for 2006 Anime Boston increased the ammount of space available by more than 60%.

Viz (Naruto) Scores Highest Ever Sales Ranking for a Manga in Booklist

Naruto: Build-A-Ninja Sweepstakes Contest Deadline Extended
Due to overwhelming popular demand, the deadline for the Naruto Build-A-Ninja Sweepstakes has been extended to 12:01 AM PST on Friday, March 10th. Revised entries and new entries will be accepted until that date.

Japanese Courts Use Manga To Promote New Judicial System

Eureka 7 Website
Bandai Entertainment has opened the official website for Eureka 7. Contents include story outline, character bios, mech info and more…

CLAMP scheduled for US appearance in July

New Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Details

Nana website open
NTV’s Nana TV website is now open. The anime premieres April 5 in Japan.

Most Chinese, Korean high schoolers watch anime, read manga
73.3% of Chinese and 81.4% of Korean high school students read manga or watch anime, according to a new poll by Mainichi News.

Kazuo Koike Interview
Dark Horse has posted an interview with Kazuo Koike, writer of manga such as Crying Freeman, Lady Snowblood and Lone Wolf and Club.


Millenium Actress

Lupin the 3rd

Last Exile

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